As i started doing our task , i felt excited to do my first blog. There were many thoughts in my mind like what could be the impact of doing this kind of trend. First attempt, i was not able to register with my own because i don’t know how and what to do first. I ask one of my classmate to teach me how to log in with this site. The next day, I already have  my own account  and then i started exploring by my own effort. As i i enjoyed typing, searching and finding friends but suddenly there were dots moving in a circular way ! in short “LOADING”………..That was the start of what we called “CALVARY”. . .but i don’t stop waiting with the come back of mr. connection ..almost an hour of waiting , sad to say the dots are enjoyed moving circularly ! i tried and  tried  to reload but SERVER NOT FOUND JUD SYA ! So, i decided to log out ! and then i went to the attendant and oh ! shocking ! i  paid almost P50 🙂  50pesos??? for nothing ??

The following morning, here i am again facing the computer. That day ,i was able to put picture to my profile and i have also my theme and background with my account. I know how to customize ! good to hear the connection is better ! Then, i started making my first post…. minutes had passed ,i already have my output and i was about to post it but suddenly  “SERVER NOT FOUND AGAIN”… i want to cry and shout out !!!!! It’s not all about the connection , it’s all about my money !!! i DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY !!!

And now we’re here at Sanfernando ! i am praying and hoping that the moment i post this will be successful ! Thank you 🙂


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