As i started doing our task , i felt excited to do my first blog. There were many thoughts in my mind like what could be the impact of doing this kind of trend. First attempt, i was not able to register with my own because i don’t know how and what to do first. I ask one of my classmate to teach me how to log in with this site. The next day, I already have  my own account  and then i started exploring by my own effort. As i i enjoyed typing, searching and finding friends but suddenly there were dots moving in a circular way ! in short “LOADING”………..That was the start of what we called “CALVARY”. . .but i don’t stop waiting with the come back of mr. connection ..almost an hour of waiting , sad to say the dots are enjoyed moving circularly ! i tried and  tried  to reload but SERVER NOT FOUND JUD SYA ! So, i decided to log out ! and then i went to the attendant and oh ! shocking ! i  paid almost P50 🙂  50pesos??? for nothing ??

The following morning, here i am again facing the computer. That day ,i was able to put picture to my profile and i have also my theme and background with my account. I know how to customize ! good to hear the connection is better ! Then, i started making my first post…. minutes had passed ,i already have my output and i was about to post it but suddenly  “SERVER NOT FOUND AGAIN”… i want to cry and shout out !!!!! It’s not all about the connection , it’s all about my money !!! i DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY !!!

And now we’re here at Sanfernando ! i am praying and hoping that the moment i post this will be successful ! Thank you 🙂


the power of technology in terms of education

how powerful technology is ?

We can’t deny the fact that technology governs us especially for us students and as a future educator. It has the power to improve our achievements and performance as students; it enhances the lives and livelihood for us.For the teachers it increases their assistance and effectiveness  to their profession..

It has the power to revolutionize education for students with disabilities – if it is properly used. Its  power can help bridge the gap by providing access to the mobile technology and applications needed to enable children with special needs to communicate for the first time, participate in the classroom and exceed educational goals.

The power of technology really governs us. Nowadays ,technology is the primary source of everything !